Entrances & Glazed Screens

Grey Line

Steel doors and screens are manufactured in single elements of any combination. Our concept is one of total framing capability where the interchange of steel sections between individual systems provides a considerable flexibility in both design and application.

Glazed Steel Entrance systems satisfy the need for elegant design coupled with high strength, robust durable construction and the ability to withstand the most demanding traffic requirements.

Great emphasis is placed upon Hardware co-ordination ensuring that the specifications will stand up to the intended application and the Range proposed is compatible with the door construction.

An elegant, versatile, high performance Door & Screen System that combines the properties of steel with the latest in glass technology.

Product Photographs

  • Controlled Entrances 1
  • Controlled Entrances 2
  • Controlled Entrances 3
  • Controlled Entrances 4
  • Controlled Entrances 5
  • Controlled Entrances 6