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Liddle Doors has progressed through a substantial period of change over the past year. In 2018, we entered a collaborative joint venture with Bradbury Group, the UK’s leading manufacturer of steel doors. Together, we launched this new website to share our future vision with you.

Liddle Doors has since officially joined the Bradbury Group family, and we are now a part of the well-established Group. 

Combining Bradbury Group’s unrivalled manufacturing capability and production capacity, with Liddle Doors’ forty-year heritage in the industry and trust within the utilities sector, means we will be able to offer a wider scope of products and services.

As part of the Group, we offer a comprehensive package and expert project delivery. From a single product to complex projects, we provide competitive turnkey solutions to meet your specific requirements.

I am confident that we will exceed your expectations and deliver you the perfect buying experience. In turn, we hope this will enable us to gain your repeat business, and perhaps encourage you to join the many brand advocates that recommend us.

Please feel free to contact me if I can assist you further.

Mike Holloway

What we do

  • Provider of bespoke solutions for industrial, transport, utilities, government and commercial applications

  • More than 40 years of expertise in the security industry, and trusted by the water industry for over 25 years

  • Supply partner to architects, contractors and end users at all project stages, from concept to completion and beyond

  • Experts in project delivery, including survey, installation and management of security infrastructure projects

Nationwide installation service, with ‘Perfect Delivery’ recognition by many principle contractors

What we offer


Being a proud part of Bradbury Group means that we can offer a unique security solution, particularly within the utilities and energy sectors. We are able to combine innovative, bespoke products, with a professional project management service. As industry leaders with nearly 50 years of combined experience in the security industry and utilities sector, we are experts in both the manufacture and delivery of security infrastructure.

Bradbury Group and Liddle Doors collectively manufacture and supply the most comprehensive range of physical security products on the market. Our extensive product portfolio includes steel security and fire doors, communal entrance doors, grilles and cages, bar sets, and kiosks. Ultimately, this exciting new venture uniquely positions us to deliver a total solutions package, from survey and design to installation and project management.

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M2M+ multi-purpose steel doorsets are suitable for internal or external installation in industrial, commercial, and even domestic buildings.

Our M2M+ doors are bespoke-engineered in-house, allowing for a wide scope of locking options to be integrated into the doorsets, to suit each specification.

Available with an extensive selection of optional extras, vision panels, and louvres, M2M+ doorsets can be tailored to your exact requirements.

These highly versatile M2M+ doors are made to measure, and can be configured for use as personnel doors, fire exits, and substation doors.

We also offer our M2M+ doors with an acoustic or fire rating. Bradbury Group is one of few companies that offer a doorset that is both acoustic and fire accredited.


Certified by the LPCB to LPS 1175: Issue 7 Security Rating 2, M2M2 doorsets provide defence against opportunist attacks.

To achieve SR2 accreditation, doors are attacked using tools with a high mechanical advantage, such as a hand drill, junior hacksaw, and a claw hammer.

M2M2 doors are available in single, leaf and a half, and double configurations, with a variety of hardware, louvre, and vision panel options.

The wide range of available MICO Elite locking options allows M2M2 doors to be tailored to individual requirements.

M2M2 doors are particularly popular among utility clients, and companies operating within remote or substation sites.

If you require an SR2 door with the added benefit of acoustic or fire accreditation, M2M2AC and M2M2FD doorsets are also available, respectively.


Providing a high level of resistance to attack, M2M3 doors have achieved LPCB accreditation to LPS 1175: Issue 7 Security Rating 3.

SR3 testing replicates a deliberate forced entry using a wide selection of attack options, including a gas torch, scissor jack, and a pad saw.

M2M3 doors are made to measure in single, leaf and a half, and double configurations, with optional fixed or removable side and/or top panels.

Offering the most extensive series of SR3 certified options, M2M3 doorsets are available with a wide range of hardware, louvres, vision panels, and MICO Abryll locking options.

The M2M3 is a versatile, bespoke-manufactured door set that can be configured for installation in a variety of applications, including airports, retail outlets, and defence buildings.

M2M3FD doorsets are also available with the added benefit of third party fire accreditation, should you need a combined solution for security and fire requirements.


M2M4 doors are certified by the LPCB to LPS 1175: Issue 7 Security Rating 4, assuring specifiers of the high resistance to attack that this doorset offers.

To achieve this notable accreditation, the M2M4 withstood simulated experienced attempts of forced entry using heavy duty tools, such as a disc grinder, jigsaw, and a sledgehammer.

With a wide range of certified options available, M2M4 doors are bespoke-engineered to suit individual requirements and project briefs that require a high level of protection.

Available with a vast selection of hardware, vision panels, louvres, and MICO Abryll locking options, M2M4 doors can be configured as personnel, fire exit, and substation doors.

The M2M4 high security doorsets are ideal for installation in high value infrastructure, government and defence premises, and financial buildings.

If you require the added benefit of third party fire accreditation, M2M4FD doorsets are also available, offering fire integrity without compromising on security.


The M2MFD range offers a series of fire doors available with a rating of FD30 to FD240, providing up to four hours of fire integrity, as certified by a globally-recognised fire testing and certification company.

Comprising of M2M+FD, M2M2FD, M2M3FD, and M2M4FD, the range provides an extensive array of doorsets to suit differing security requirements and project briefs.

M2M+FD doorsets are ideal for internal installation, or for external installation in locations or buildings which do not require third party accredited security.

M2M2FD, M2M3FD, and M2M4FD doorsets are LPCB certified to LPS 1175: Issue 7 SR2, SR3 and SR4, respectively, providing combined solutions for fire and security requirements.

Doors in the M2MFD range are available with a wide range of fire rated louvres, vision panels and locking options.

In order to comply with fire protection regulations, all doors are supplied fitted with door closers, that are suited to the individual specification of each doorset.

Certain configurations of M2M+FD doorsets are also available with the added benefit of a third party acoustic rating, without compromising on fire integrity.


The M2MFL range of flood defence doorsets have been successfully tested to PAS 1188-1:2014, with a designated maximum water depth of 840mm.

These doors are available as outward opening single, leaf and a half, or double doorsets, with fixed side and/or top panels.

M2MFL doors can incorporate an independently locked integral escape hatch to allow access and egress in the event of a flood or emergency, without compromising flood resilience.

The range comprises of M2M+FL, M2M2FL, M2M3FL, and M2M4FL, with the latter three doorsets having LPCB accreditation to LPS 1175 SR2, SR3, and SR4, respectively.

The varying levels of security available allows specifiers to select a flood defence doorset in accordance with their security requirements.

Doors in the M2MFL range are available with a wide scope of locking options and hardware, as well as a selection of louvres and vision panels above flood level.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of the utility sector, the M2MFL range is ideal for unmanned locations where both security and flood protection measures are required.


The M2MAC range of acoustic doorsets comprises of M2M+AC and M2M2AC, available with an ISO 10140 rating from Rw28 to Rw42, depending on specification.

M2M+AC doorsets are available with a wide range of acoustic ratings, and are ideal for project briefs that do not require third party security accreditation.

Offering a combined solution for noise reduction and fire resistance requirements, we offer a configuration of M2M+AC door set that has achieved both fire and acoustic accreditation.

M2M2AC doorsets are LPCB accredited to LPS 1175: Issue 7 Security Rating 2, providing a high security acoustic door for applications requiring a certified level of protection.

All doors in the M2MAC range are available as single, leaf and a half, or double doorsets, with a wide range of locking options.

M2MAC acoustic doors are designed for rooms and buildings requiring noise reduction, making them ideal for installation in stadia, recording studios, and sports halls.


Designed to protect vulnerable buildings and high value assets, we offer a range of modular enclosures which are certified by the LPCB to LPS 1175 Security Rating 3 and 4. Kiosks can be manufactured to any size, and can be used for direct replacements or over units.

Standard units are supplied with padlockable single or double leaf doors. Padlocks are protected with a user-friendly shroud. Optional upgrades include key access doors, celotex insulation, and varnished ply lining.

We also offer a certified demountable roof system to aid servicing requirement of protected assets. Smaller sample tap units can be complemented with stainless steel backboards and galvanized drip trays.

Units can also be designed to include fan housings, alarm contact brackets and external vent cowlings to provide a well-ventilated, secure and certified solution. Additionally, we have a range of top hat solutions available for ground or wall top asset protection.


Spartan is a range of high-security bar sets, comprising of the Spartan2, Spartan3 and Spartan 4, certified by the LPCB to LPS 1175: Issue 7 SR2, SR3 and SR4, respectively.

The lightweight construction of Spartan ensures ease of installation for large-scale projects, and the stackable modular design means they can be engineered to secure almost any opening.

Reveal or face fixed options are available, and Spartan security bars are suitable for internal or external installation.

Spartan security bars are assessed for certified installation directly into brickwork, concrete or steel, and are available with or without a range of security fasteners, to suit substrate of installation.

Each Spartan bar set is polyester powder coated in a selection of finishes, as standard, and a galvanised pre-treatment is available for ultimate product longevity.

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